We have extensive experience offering various services in the financial sector, banking and securities market to financial in- stitutions and private companies, public entities and private equity funds.
Also, we represent our clients before the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit in Mexico, the National Banking and Securities Commission and the National Insurance and Securities Commission in regulatory matters.

Our experience covers the design of corporate structures, the implementation mechanism of capital and reserves and the establishment and implementation of new financial products.
Among others, our services are:
(a) Advice in the structuring, negotiating and documentation of loans, credit and other financial operations, including fi- nancings of venture capital, leasing and financial, factoring and other financial schemes.
(b)Incorporation of guarantees, real and personal.
(c)Syndicated credits.
(d)Credits and financing local and international.
(e) Restructuring of credits.
(f) Due diligence and consulting regulatory to various financial institutions, including credit institutions, investment companies, financial entities, brokerage houses.
(g) Registration and authorization of financial institutions, including the establishment of representation offices.
(h)Advisory services to private equity funds in investment and financing in Mexico.
(i) Advice in placements and offers of securities public and private.
(j) Registration In the National Registry of Securities.
(k)Advice on the issue of ordinary shares, bonds and commercial paper. l)Advice regulatory and corporate governance to broadcasters in securities. m) Securitization of portfolio and structured loans.