Aware of the growing dynamics of the current business, where the rotation of personnel both nationals and foreigners within and outside the national territory is a constant, our area of Migration has extensive experience in all sorts of issues related to the immigration and emigration of corporate staff.

At your disposal our services:
(a)Visa and Work Permits.
(b) Legal advisory for the type of visa requested by the client.
(c)Collection and revision of the documents to integrate the request. d)Elaboration of the letters necessary for the presenta- tion of the proceedings before the migration authorities.
e)Obtaining work visas, investment, business, study, professional practices and residence in Mexico. f) Obtaining visas for the realization of artistic activities, sports and recreational.
g) Processing for naturalization.
(h) Processing of changes of nationality.
(i)Notices to the migration authorities of changes of marital status, address and activities authorized the expatriate.
j) Permits of marriage.
k)Assistance in the preparation and presentation of visa application to the embassies and consulates for the delivery of Workers, business people and practitioners to other countries. l)Elaboration of the letters necessary for the presentation of the proceedings before the embassies and consulates.