Our firm provides legal services and technicians in connection with patents, models and industrial designs, trademarks, com- mercial advertisements, trade names, domain names, copyright and all the issues related to this area.

We also offer, among other services, the advice and assistance for:
(a) Searches of background and proportion of views in conjunction with trademarks, commercial advertisements, inven- tions, copyright and domain names.
(b)Preparation, presentation and maintenance all kinds of intellectual property rights, both national and international, in- cluding patents, designs, copyright, domain names, trademarks and commercial advertisements.
(c)Protection of software, as well as literary, musical, cinema, educational, scientific, technical, television and radio.
(d)Protection of confidential information and industrial secrets, including the advice for the protection of this type of informa- tion in labor relations.
(e) Elaboration of licensing agreements and structuring of transfers of technology, technical assistance and payment of roy- alties, providing advice In the field of taxes associated with these activities.
(f) Conduct audits in relation to intellectual property assets.