Our firm has large experience in the matter of mergers and acquisitions; in the advice, negotiation and execution of con- tracts or agreements related to the purchase and sale of companies, mergers and co-investments in various branches of industry and trade.

In addition to the preparation and negotiation of the agreements and contracts related to the buying and selling of com- panies, as well as contracts for the merger or acquisition of the same, our firm offers the following services:
(a)Advice, negotiation and execution of agreements of co-investment (Joint Ventures) and shareholder agreements.
(b) Advice, negotiation and execution of agreements for the sale of shares, partnership and assets.
(c) Legal Due diligence in connection with the acquisition of companies. d)Execution and advice of Shareholder Agree- ments. e)Establishment of Investment Vehicles and planning strategic acquisition/merger.
f) Execution and negotiating agreements related to the purchase of a company.

We provide services to various types of clients, such as individual entrepreneurs, family enterprises and large national and multinational corporations, including important investment funds, both Mexicans and foreigners.
Our experience extends to the processes of privatization of state enterprises, all kinds of tenders or auctions and operations related to the companies whose shares are listed on the stock exchange market.